Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Golden eagles are magnificent birds. For one thing, they are huge. Their wingspan is more than six feet across and if you are ever lucky enough to get close to one you feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. Although they haven't received the same amount of press as their bald cousins, they faced many of the same issues and for years their numbers dropped until their future was uncertain. Also like their cousins however, they have started to recover, and sightings are more and more common. We were delighted to find we had a pair that frequented our property when we purchased almost fifteen years ago. I do not know what their lifespan is but I suspect the ones we are seeing today are descendants of that first pair. During only a couple years of that whole time have we seen three eagles all summer long, meaning they raised a young. For the last two years the pair has pretty much moved in during the winter months and we see them on Tower Rock almost every day. They seem to have adapted to these strange two-legged creatures running by their perch once or twice a day and I suspect they may even look forward to our presence as we scare the cottontails out of hiding along our route. Yesterday as the sun came up I was greeted by the usual silhouette on the rock. Then, as I walked by the living room window, I caught sight of goldie's partner sitting atop the ridge much closer to the house. I grabbed the ever-present camera and walked out the back door to see if I could get a shot of the eagle in the light. Although they look like big black birds from afar, you quickly realize how they got their name when you see one sitting in the sun. Their heads are a beautiful golden shade that absolutely glows in sunlight. I had taken a half dozen shots when this one decided to fly. I am so thrilled I captured it in flight against the backdrop of the rocks. I really think I will have to paint this.

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Dee said...

hi kathy,
tim told me about this website and he put it on our favorites. i just checked it out. love it and all your neat commentary. i esp. like all your photos. this is fun! dee