Sunday, January 14, 2007

I received three nice pieces of quilt news in the mail yesterday:
1. A letter from Primedia Gallery (owners of Quilter's Newsletter and other quilt related magazines) asking for permission to show my quilt "Yip-EEEE, Wyoming" in their six-month show featuring recipients of the Colorado Quilt Council's Award of Excellence.
2. A letter from "Cody After Five", a women's group in Cody providing details of my role as feature presenter at their February gathering. I will be speaking on "The Quilt as Art".
3. A contract from the Board of Mallo Camp to teach 2 classes at their June gathering in Four Corners, Wyoming. I don't teach many classes but I really enjoy teaching there, partly because of the location in the Black Hills and partly because of the people and their willingness to try new things.
I really feel like 2007 will be my year to make major headway in my creative endeavors!

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