Thursday, January 4, 2007

This is the start of my site discussing life in and around the Northwest corner of Wyoming.
I am part of another blog as a member of "Women of Artistic Vision" but I have decided to create my own site because I find myself wanting to post about things other than those having to do with the group.
For example, Ken and I drove down to Cheyenne on Tuesday to attend the Governor's Inaugural Ball. It was a long, dangerous drive for a short event but the Ball was fun. We had been watching the weather for some days and it looked like we would have clear sailing. We were wrong. Cheyenne has an entirely different weather system than the northwest part of the state where we live and the roads were icy and treacherous for the last 50 miles or so. We woke yesterday morning to find the highway closed due to dangerous conditions and so decided to drive the long way home through Laramie and Riverton. I-80 lived up to its reputation and we had a few heart-pounding moments as the car slid sideways down the road. We saw lots of jack-knifed tractor trailers and more than a few vehicles in the ditch. Needless to say we were happy to get home last night!
One of the messages on our machine when we returned was from a man with the Federal Agriculture Department. He wants to come out and talk to us about the wolves that have been traveling across our place. It seems they want to collar these guys to track them. They are concerned about the pack settling into this area that is relatively populated with ranches. We have yet to actually see the animals as they go through at night but we have had a lot of fun following their tracks in the morning.
Strangely enough Ken and I are headed to Lamar Valley in Yellowstone for four days next week on a winter wolf-watching expedition. Of course for us it is just an excuse to spend some time in the Park skiing and snow-shoeing. Winter really is the best time to see things (except bears!) in Yellowstone as the crowds are non-existant.
I have been working on a variety of quilting projects the last few weeks and will have images to post soon.

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