Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tina left a message last night saying our usual local Tuesday sewing get-together would be cancelled this week. To tell the truth, I was relieved. Because of the month beginning on a Monday this was one of those odd times when my Billings art quilt guild (WAV) and the Cody guild (PPQG) met on consecutive days. As much as I enjoy the social aspects of quilting it does tend to cut into the actual time spent creating! The trip to Billings on Sunday was a little scary with icy roads but by the time I came home that afternoon the roads were clear. Last night at PPQG in Cody it was time for the wrap-up for our 2006 secret sister. I have had fun this last year designing and making a different bag each month in which to put small gifts. The one pictured here is the last one. It was fun to make with all the bright colors. It has a solid round bottom and is reversible. I added belt loops for the ribbon closure. I hope my secret sister enjoyed receiving them as much as I enjoyed making them. She moves to Arizona for the winter so I guess I won't even know until she returns in the spring.
Today I worked on postcards for the Heart2Heart Project spearheaded by Karey Bresenhan. She has quilters from all over the world making fabric postcards which she will then collect and send to injured service men and women for Valentine's Day. I have avoided getting caught up in the whole fabric postcard thing till now but I have to admit, it is kinda' fun. The postcard shown here is titled "Chocolate Sunrise over Purple Mountains". The sun is made from a candy wrapper (Valentine's Day - get it?) that was first fused, then stitched to the hand dyed background. I added a little gold metallic paint to make it glow. The background fabric is left over from the yards I dyed for my "Stardust" quilt.
We are waiting for a phone call from our friend, Mary. If the winds aren't blowing too badly tomorrow, she is expecting people from Wyoming Game and Fish to show up at her place to collar a bunch of elk. She has a herd of about 250 animals on her place right now. They are planning to fly over the herd in a helicopter and dart about 15 of them to be collared so they can track their movements. Mary has invited Ken and I to come along and photograph the event. As much as I hate the idea of the animals being disturbed so much, it is truly a once in a lifetime chance to record the whole thing. I hope to have some great photos to post if it happens. If the wind is blowing too much they will have to postpone. To be continued...

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