Sunday, February 25, 2007

A few weeks ago I sent off a CD with photos of two quilts to Sacred Threads. Yesterday I received the wonderful news that both have been accepted into the show! This is one of the shows I have been wanting to enter for a few years so I am especially excited about my acceptance. It is a somewhat unusual event as it deals very much with the emotions of the artwork. Rather than categories based on sizes or techniques, they are broken down into such themes as "Joy", "Healing", "Spirituality", and "Grief" among others. It is described in the literature as "A Quilt Exhibition Connecting Quilting and the Spiritual Life" and I have heard people who have attended in the past say it is a very emotional experience. The show takes place every two years in Reynoldsburg, Ohio - near Columbus - and will be held this year from June 16 - June 30. If Ken is going back to Cincinnati anytime during those two weeks I may have to tag along just to see for myself.
I sent one quilt in the "joy" category and one in the"grief" category. My "Celebration" quilt was made for a challenge with my Art Quilt Guild and incorporates some painting and some beading. The circle fabric was purchased on a trip to Casper and it still makes me smile every time I see it. I think it is the hypnotic feel of the pattern. "Island 2" is the second in a series of three quilts interpreting the word "island" in different ways. It is really a piece about loneliness and depression; man as an island. It presented some challenges in other ways as the one end is made up of two layers of organza with a figure in a fetal position sandwiched between the layers. The colorful people at the brighter end of the quilt are made from my own hand-dyed silk, satin and cotton as well as angelina fibers. I feel quite strongly about this quilt and I think that is why I am so happy to have it accepted to this show.

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