Thursday, February 15, 2007

I have finished the small 24" x 24" wall quilt I am donating to be auctioned off at the local Fireman's Ball this weekend. I have mixed feelings about it. Knowing the community, the Fire Department will be lucky to get $50 for it. That means my time was worth pennies an hour at best. On the other hand, I didn't say no to a local charity (and one I may need some day), it was a good exercise in machine quilting and it was an older UFO (unfinished object) that I never would have completed otherwise. It is from a class with Mary Sue Suit some years ago. I love her patterns but they are, after all her patterns, not mine. We will miss the ball because we are headed to Jackson to meet up with Ken's sister and her husband for a few days. We will try to get some skiing in at the big hill and then we are catching the snow coach to Yellowstone Sunday morning and hope to do a little backcountry skiing there for a few days. This is really a great time of year to be in the Park as I have said before. Now that they have limited the snowmobile use it is much quieter and more peaceful than the summer months.
Not everyone gets excited about finding a pile of animal poop, but knowing scat really goes hand in hand with being able to identify tracks when you are observing wild animals. We found this pile about 100 feet from our door a few days ago. The scary thing about that is that it is way too big to be anything except black bear, mountain lion or wolf. It is made up primarily of hair so we know it is a meat eater for sure. We can pretty much rule out the bear because of the time of year. It has been a cold winter and we are unlikely to see the bruins sticking their noses out of their dens for at least another month. It is probably not mountain lion because it is not segmented and there was no sign of the scratching that is common with the big cats. That leaves our friendly neighborhood wolf. The ground was frozen and we had very little snow cover so there were no tracks to be examined in conjunction with the pile of scat. If it is the wolf, he is getting much bolder about coming close to the house and the animals.

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