Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This is one of those very rare days in this area when the humidity is above 50%. The last few days have been spring-like with temperatures in the high 50's. The predictions were for the temperature to drop overnight with snow showers possible. Well the air is certainly colder but the moisture materialized in the form of tiny water droplets that freeze as they land.
The fog is so thick we cannot see Tower Rock less than a quarter mile away. What is amazing is that yesterday the air was so clear we were pointing out features on the Big Horn Mountains, more than a hundred miles from here! I was about three miles into my run this morning when I realized it was getting hard to see. Icicles were forming on my eyelashes. If Ken wasn't home I may have decided to skip the run this morning all together. It was, after all, in conditions just like this that I turned around to find the mountain lion stalking me a few years ago and I still have the urge to look over my shoulder constantly in the fog.

I think the wildlife knew the weather was about to change. They were certainly acting strangely yesterday. I was in my studio in mid-afternoon when I looked out the window to see the golden eagle on the near ridge. I was a little concerned for the crowd at the feeder which consisted of a good number of rock doves, pinyon jays, chukars and the obligatory bunnies. I was not surprised therefore when I suddenly saw everything scatter. I looked out expecting to see the eagle flying overhead but he hadn't moved. What then caused the panic? At the same time Ken was out front watering the few shrubs we have. Frank the cat was helping out by searching the hay pile for wayward mice. Ken says he suddenly had cottontails running right by his feet. It was obvious they were terrified. What was really strange was that instead of chasing them, Frank just puffed himself up into big cat size. Ken knew then something was around so he grabbed hold of Frank (at great risk to his own well being as anyone who knows Frank can testify) and threw him in the house. Ken turned back around just in time to see the coyotes come waltzing by from the bird feeder and straight across the yard. The llamas started with their distress calls and the coyotes decided to skirt the corrals but they obviously were not too worried about their own safety.
As usual I have a half dozen projects on the go right now but I am really trying to finish up another hand-painted coat so I can wear it when I give my presentation in Cody next week. I had one spool of the perfect color thread I was using to quilt the fabric and I ran out. Nothing else seems to work. So now I have to wait until the mailman delivers another three spools from Big Horn Quilts in Greybull. Oh well, I really need to work on the quilt I am donating to be auctioned off by the local Fire Department so maybe it was for the best. Back to the studio I go.

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