Saturday, February 10, 2007

We are in day four of the fog-in. It is amazing how not being able to see past the barn for days on end has affected my mood. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed that expanse outside our door. This is such an
unusual look for our area that it has me wanting to take photos of everything. There is something incongruous about seeing desert plants encased in ice. To top it all off we had a half inch of snow fall Thursday night. The world has become almost devoid of color - a land of black and white. The magpies must feel like their day has finally come! The wonderful thing about snow around here is that it provides a clean etch-a-sketch for the wildlife to write their signatures. The wolf tracks I saw on my run yesterday morning were so fresh I thought I could feel his breath on the back of my neck! The eagles have moved up much closer to the house. They have spent the last two days parked on Vertebrae Rock just outside our door. It is lower than Tower and perhaps they know they are more likely to find bunnies at the bird feeder in this whiteout. The falcon has been circling continuously and I am amazed we haven't had a broken window. Because of the low visibility he is almost on top of the pigeons before they see him and then they panic and fly into the windows. They must have incredibly hard heads as they always seem to shake themselves off and fly away.
One day years ago when we were almost finished building the house we had everything closed in except the side lights of the front door. I was standing on the porch when I heard the familiar whistling air and suddenly a pigeon went by me at warp speed with the falcon in close pursuit. The pigeon did a maneuver worthy of a B2 Bomber and turned sideways, just squeaking through the opening for the sidelight. The falcon made an immediate 90 degree correction and flew straight up into the air and over the roof. Unfortunately the pigeon thought he could fly straight through and banged into the inside of the plate glass window in the living room. That was one case where he did knock himself out but after we picked him up and took him outside for a few minutes he came to and flew off. I bet he had a giant of a headache for a while!
We decided we needed a break from the monotone world in which we find ourselves so we gathered up Mary and Luis and drove to Red Lodge yesterday afternoon. We took a beautiful hike up Lake Creek and then went to our favorite restaurant, Bridge Creek, for a wonderful Asian style buffet to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Pig. Need I say more?
I posted my invitation for the all-female, artist's retreat camping trip on Quiltart yesterday. I have had some good response and I think we will probably end up as a group of close to ten. The idea is to take five llamas and spend six days hiking and camping in the Beartooth Mountains in August.
My thread arrived in the mail Thursday so I will be busy trying to finish up my painted jacket over the next few days. I will post photos once it is complete.

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