Monday, March 19, 2007

Cooke City should have been renamed "Cooked" City this weekend as the temperatures soared. We met our friend Peter and his wife Kate in Cooke on Friday morning and loaded all the skis and gear into the sled. They then hopped on the back of our snow machines and the four of us made our way up the mountains in search of some good snow for skiing. There was no shortage of the white stuff but the sun and wind have done their thing and the idea of finding anything resembling powder was a dream. We got a couple of runs in but spent much of our time slogging uphill fighting the wind blowing in the warmer weather. On Saturday we got up to blue skis and balmy weather. Much of the snow in Cooke itself has melted off and we were riding over pavement to reach better sledding. We had a little better luck finding some good snow and we discovered some slopes that will be great when we come back next year in better conditions. We headed home Saturday evening feeling tired and sunburned and glad we made the effort. I feel a little more tuned up for our "Grand Traverse" trip to British Columbia in a few weeks. It will be hard to get the mind set right though - it was almost 80 degrees F when we got back to our place!
On Sunday I met Jeannie at the highway and we headed to Billings for the monthly WAV meeting. I wore my new outfit that I made last week. The pants are from a Butterick pattern and are made from my hand-dyed rayon. They started out a lighter shade of mottled purple but I found when I sewed them together that I had a big white patch right on the left cheek so I over-dyed them to the darker shade once I got them constructed. The shirt is my original pattern and is made from my hand-dyed raw silk and haboti silk cords. It came about because I was looking at some photos of outlandish jewelry in a fashion magazine the last time I had my hair cut. I thought it might be fun to design some clothing that had the "jewelry" built right in. I dyed a bunch of silk cording different colors and attached it at the neck line. The closure is at the side of the neck and the cords go right around and fall to the front. There are small beads attached at the end of each cord. Once I finished the top it looked too loose so I added a matching belt to give it a little shape. I have ideas for several other built-in jewelry tops that I hope to work on in the next little while.

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