Monday, March 26, 2007

I have had fun this last week creating a doll for Airus, Cindy St. Charles' grandson. When I mentioned at the last WAV meeting that I was planning on making a doll for Carol's about-to-be-born son, Cindy commented that it is hard to find boy dolls. That made me think I should make two: one for the newborn and one for Airus. The dolls are huge. I hope they don't scare the boys to death! I have a vague memory of a bunny rabbit I used to drag around as a child. The real appeal of the creature to me was its large size. Of course I looked at it years later and realized it was actually pretty small but at the time it was a thrill to have a playmate as big as I was. One of the really fun parts was creating silk screens for the dolls' t-shirts. Airus gets the "A" and an airplane; Carols' baby Brett gets a "B" and a boat.
Tonight is Paintbrush Piecers Quilt Guild in Cody and we will finally get to reveal our challenge projects - in my case the hot air balloon. I will also present the challenge for next year which I think will be fun but I suspect will scare a lot of people away. We are not insisting on any fabric choice this year. Instead, people will receive three pieces of paper labeled "adjective", "noun" and "verb". They are to come up with any word they want that fits the category and then we will put all the adjectives in one box, all the nouns in another and all the verbs in a third. People then get to draw one slip from each box and the resulting sentence will be their challenge theme. For example, you might end up with "Pink dancing elephant" or "Slippery jumping cactus". It should be interesting.
The coyotes went through this morning. They have been scarce the last few weeks and we have only seen one wolf track since the female was collared last month. We did run into the State Wolf Management guy and he said they were disappointed to discover that our wolf seems to be a loner and not a member of the Beartooth Pack as they had hoped.
I mentioned in my last post that the bluebirds are back. Here are some other signs of spring I noticed this week:
* First Meadowlark
* First Douglasia
* Sand Hill Cranes
* Frank the cat wanting out at 6 am to chase rabbits
* Said rabbits building nests everywhere
* Ken pouring over maps as he plots hiking trips
* Daffodils blooming in the garden
We leave Thursday for our ski trip. This should be interesting as it is the first time they have attempted what they are calling the "Grand Traverse". Only one other person was fool enough to sign up so there will be 3 clients, two guides, a cook, the two new owners of the company and their two teenage sons and a videographer. Apparently they are convinced this could be a great trip for them in the future so they are going to film the whole thing. We have actually been sent "Model Releases"to sign saying they can use our images in a documentary or advertisement or about anything else. I just plan on enjoying myself.

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