Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well, now I know spring is officially here. We finally had our first Search and Rescue call of the year yesterday. In the 30 or so years Park County SAR has been in action this has been the longest stretch on record without a call. Don't get me wrong - we don't wish for people to be hurt - but a little lost now and then would be nice! After all, we train for many, many hours to handle all sorts of situations and it can get kind of frustrating when we don't get to use our skills in real-life situations. Ironically our group has more members right now than at any other time in its history as well. Almost half our current members had never been on a call before yesterday. The other funny thing about yesterday's event is that it would have had us shaking our heads during the busy season but since we were all so anxious for any kind of action we were ready to kiss the guy (and his dog) once we got them out of the canyon. A couple were out walking their 16 year old dog along the edge of the Shoshone River Canyon near Cody when the dog slipped and fell down the bank. The man went down after the dog and then realized he couldn't get back up the steep rocky slope so he yelled to his wife who called 911 on her cell phone. Ken and I were among the last to arrive because of the distance we had to travel from our place but we still got to participate in the final rope hauling of our team member who had rappelled down and the subject who he was helping up the hill. We probably could have done the whole thing without ropes but there was obviously no emergency and we enjoyed the practice. One of our guys just walked down and picked up the dog and carried it back up. The only injury was to the dog who cut his front leg in his fall. The man should have been able to get up the slope on his own but was severely hampered by being overweight and out of shape.
Maybe the dam has been broken now and we will start to get some more calls. The weather is certainly nice enough to lure more people outside. The bluebirds have arrived back at our place and one pair was even showing signs of moving into the sparrow hawk nesting box. That is probably not a good decision as I suspect the kestrels will be back any day now.
I need to get to work on some dolls I am making. Our fellow WAV member, Carol had her little boy last night and we will be holding the baby shower soon.

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