Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whoever started the story about babies being delivered by storks obviously never took a good look at the birds. Any baby catching sight of that leathery bald head would surely be traumatized for life. One of my favorite things about visiting Florida is observing the bird life. That and getting to spend time with my mom and dad, of course! The weather in Bradenton this last week was perfect. Hot but not overly so during the day, cool enough for a light jacket in the evenings and comfortable sleeping without heat or air conditioning. The spoonbills cooperated by showing up to have their pictures taken almost every day. Ken took a bunch of great shots including this one showing the wonderful gold strip at the end of the tail. I love the way it matches the hibiscus in the background.
Mom and I took in the Sarasota Quilt Show on Saturday and it was really fun to see work by a group of artists with whom I was unfamiliar. It was also nice to note that the quality of work was similar to that of Wyoming artists so being somewhat isolated doesn't seem to have any adverse effects on the development of western quilters.
We got home on Monday to find spring had arrived. The temperature in Billings was 75 F although it has cooled down some since. It is supposed to warm right back up this weekend but we are headed to Cooke City for two days of back-country skiing with some friends so I hope it doesn't get too warm in the mountains. My ankle is still pretty painful but I think the hard shelled ski boot will provide enough support to make skiing possible.
We will get back late Saturday night and then on Sunday we have our monthly WAV meeting in Billings so it is going to be a busy weekend.

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