Friday, May 11, 2007

A Time for Everything...

Now is the time for the Cecropias to visit our little piece of heaven. I have seen three of them in the last two days. There is something truly awesome about a moth that is the size of a small bird. They are always remarkably complacent and it seems to take little effort to convince them to hop onto my hand. I found the one this morning in the hay by the llama barn. I put my finger down in front of him and he walked on as if he were casually boarding a train. He sat quietly on my finger as I walked the distance from the barn to the house and I never had to do more than provide a perch. Once in the house I sat him on the table where he rested while I got the camera and fitted it with the close-up lens. After I took a dozen shots I put my finger back down, he climbed on and I took him out back where I released him in the garden by the pond. I love drawing and painting flowers and butterflies but I have always avoided making quilts from the images because it seems that so many people have already done so. But I may have to change my mind - I think this guy is begging to be immortalized in fabric!

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