Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I just saw my face re-broadcast on the Billings news as they announced the death of the kid we carried out of the Beartooths last week. He was 20 years old. F**k.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

But without you and the rest of SAR he would have had no chance at all. And you brought him out so his family could give him a proper burial - as someone who lost a loved one (in a drowning and the body was never found) - I can't tell you how much that must mean to the family.

You did good!

Cynthia St Charles said...

Hi Kathy,

I don't watch the TV news every night and did not see your picture, but I did hear about the death of that young skier. Thanks to your blog, I knew you had been involved in the rescue. So sad. My condolences. It must feel very personal when you have been so intimately involved. 20 years old - I have two that age. Yikes.

I hope you are printing all these SAR blog entries out and saving them somewhere. It might make an interesting book . . . ? Or is it only interesting in the here and now? I'm not sure, but food for thought.

Just a little feedback - it would be a lot easier to read if there were some spaces between paragraphs. It is easy to get lost when reading a long narrative or scrolling, etc.

Have a good weekend. I think I will be renovating the apartment. Not fun, but the end is in sight.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Holy cow! I'm in awe. Thank you for being one of those brave people who do what needs to be done.