Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The word for Illustration Friday last week was "zoo". I just couldn't get excited about the topic. Part of my issue was the activity of the holiday and part was my rush to finish a number of other projects, but my biggest mental stumbling block was the fact that I live in the middle of what I think of as the "anti-zoo". After all, barely a day goes by that I don't witness the doings of some amazing wild creature in its natural environment.

Yesterday morning I heard the llamas sounding their distress call. I looked out the back window to see this beautiful coyote posing on the ridge. I walked outside to take a number of photos of him standing proudly in the sunlight. He pretty much ignored me, giving me a couple of disinterested glances and then resuming his lookout for a bunny breakfast.

This morning I looked out the same window and there was one of the resident golden eagles sitting atop eagle rock. Every time Ken and I look at this particular ridge we think we see an eagle sitting there only to then realize it is a rock. Obviously the eagle thinks it is a logical place for a big bird to perch as well.

I took this photo of my Christmas cactus as I headed back into the house. This plant has always preferred Thanksgiving over the December holiday and is blooming in all its glory right now.

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