Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pinned Pigeon

We had an interesting discovery this morning. To understand what probably happened you have to first know a little bit about the relationship between the cottontail rabbits that are so prevalent on our land and our llamas.

The photo to the left is one I took a couple years ago but not much has changed since then. The bunnies simply love to get into the rubber feed bowls we use to give the llamas their morning treats. In the case of this photo we had an older llama (who has since passed away from old age) and we elevated his bowl to make it easier for him to get his food. Even that didn't stop the rabbits. I guess they are probably looking for leftover crumbs in the bowls but I'm not totally convinced that is their mission. After all, the llamas do a pretty good job of cleaning their plates and there really isn't much room for the bunny to eat anything once he wedges himself into the bowl. They do, however, invariably leave something behind before they get out. They always poop and often pee inside the bowls and, needless to say, the llamas do not appreciate having a soiled eating surface. So the bigger animals have developed their own mechanism for fighting back - once they finish eating, they will pick up the bowl in their teeth and toss it in the air. If it doesn't land upside down they just pick it up again and toss it until it does. Every morning for the last few years we have had to turn the bowls back over the right way to put the feed in. Pretty smart, eh?

Which brings me to this morning's discovery. Ken turned over one of the boys' bowls and there underneath, cold and miserable, was a rock dove (commonly known as pigeons in the city). It would have been virtually impossible for him to climb under the bowl and he had obviously spent the night there so the only explanation seems to be that one of the llamas had an amazing toss and caught a pigeon under the bowl. Maybe we can teach them to throw horseshoes!

One of my goals for today is to tattoo a mermaid on an octopus. I think I can safely bet that I am the only person on earth to say that on this particular day. Of course it is not a real octopus (or a real mermaid). No, I am making this multi legged creature out of the stretch knit fabric I received from Brooke A. for her recycled fabric art project. Because the idea was inspired by the beautiful mermaid I saw made from the fabric at the last WAV meeting, I decided he should have a tattoo of the lovely nymph on his octo-butt. I won't be able to finish him off today because I don't have any poly stuffing on hand but I will post photos once he is complete.

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