Sunday, November 4, 2007


Quilters are amazing people. Now I know it is not considered politically correct to generalize these days, but I have never met a more generous, caring bunch of individuals than those who express themselves by taking needle to fabric. This was brought home to me several times over the last few days.
I am still in the "no run" mode so yesterday I walked down to the mail box to get the mail. It is a pretty rugged six mile hike round trip so I felt like I got a good bit of exercise as well as saving a little gas. I have been trying to bike down and back each day but the wind was pretty brisk yesterday so my two legs seemed a more pleasant mode of transportation. I was surprised when I opened the box to discover a beautiful, brightly colored package nestled inside. Then I saw it was addressed to me. Its too early for Christmas, my birthday has passed, what could it be? Imagine my delight when I opened the envelope and discovered an amazing book called "Contemporary Hawaiian Quilting". There was a note inside from Dianna G., a fellow quilter who lives in Hawaii and has an uncle in Cody that she visits on a fairly regular basis. Dianna and I have never met although we came close when she was up in this part of the country this summer. Her note said she meant to give me the book when she was visiting but since we never got together she decided to put it in the mail. Is there ever a more welcome or appreciated gift than one that is totally unexpected? I spent much of the rest of the day perusing the gorgeous photos in the book and I know I will spend many more hours looking and reading about the art within.
Then, this morning, I received an email from Evelyn B., a member of the local quilt guild. She had been in Greybull yesterday where she ran into Gale R., another guild member who gave Evelyn a package to give to me. Gale overheard me making a comment at the last guild meeting about a product I was looking for and she happened to have one at home. So she was giving it to me. Or, in reality, giving it to Evelyn who will give it to Jeanne who will give it to me.
How does one pay back such unselfish giving? This is only a mildly rhetorical question. I really feel like I need to "pass along" the positive energy created in these acts of kindness. I guess this is how karma works. One good act leads to another and so on and so on until together we have changed the world in a positive way. At least that is what I choose to believe.

Thank you.

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sandra wyman said...

I really loved reading your blog - a wonderful mixture of beautiful quilts and outdoory things. Very inspiring.