Saturday, January 26, 2008

Illustration Friday - Tales and Legends

This is what happens when you cut the deadline way too close! You end up with the only photo being one with the flash glaring off the glass. This is the first giant sized (20" x 25") cartoon I have worked on and it had to be completed by Thursday evening at 4pm to be presented at a dinner that evening honoring the Search and Rescue commander for Park County. I finished at approximately 3:30 and Ken was throwing it in a frame as the paint was still drying.

It fits the IF theme of "tales and legends" because it portrays a very tongue-in-cheek epic tale of a search for a lost subject. There are a total of 28 people depicted (including the victim) as well as 6 dogs and one each of cat, seal, mountain goat, buzzard and horse. The equipment list includes a boat, a kayak, 2 four wheelers, a six wheeler, an airplane, a helicopter a mobile command center, a motorcycle, a bicycle and a tricycle.
The detail to the left shows Ken and I while the one just below depicts Kris B being pulled behind her very active search dog, Tate.
This was a fun project but I am glad it is completed so I can move on to other things!


INDIGENE said...

LOL! I love the dog pulling the woman up the hill! I could use that dog every Monday morning! Enjoyable illustration!

ixy said...

LOL. This is very funny! good idea.

Carol said...

That is great Kathy! I love the little helicopter and the dogs!