Monday, February 11, 2008

Catching Up

I have been terrible about posting to my blog since Christmas. It is not that I have nothing going on in my life - au contraire - I have been so busy that I don't know where to start. The longer I go without posting, the further behind I feel I am and then I put it off for even longer. I think the only way to get back on track is just to start from point 0 - today.

I will briefly mention a few of the things that have happened in the last six weeks or so:
* My Mom and Dad were here for Christmas. That was really nice even though the weather didn't always cooperate.
* Ken and I then traveled to California with my parents for the Rose Bowl Parade. Lots of fun and beautiful flowers.
* Shortly after returning home we packed up again and headed into Snow Lodge at Old Faithful for a few days of cross country skiing with some friends. Great comaraderie and wonderful wildlife viewing.
* I have been painting and sewing up a storm. Lots of "work-in-progress".
* I have enrolled in the NQA Certified Judge's Program. It is a lot of work and time and actually takes a couple years to get through all the requirements.
* We leave Wednesday for Jackson Hole where we will spend four intense days getting our Wilderness First Responder recertification.

I have been playing more with quilting cartoons and have developed a strip for a couple of guild newsletters titled "Around the Block". One of the strips was my contribution to Illustration Friday last week. I learned something while posting it on-line. I have had a couple comments from readers unable to read the words. I can understand as I can't read them myself from here. The problem seems to lie in the fact that I added the wording in Photoshop. For some reason that disabled the ability to "click and enlarge". I am not computer savvy enough to know how to fix it. I guess in the future I will just have to make sure to do my text by hand and not on the computer.
I know it is not at all the same to read the words after the fact but the story in the cartoon is this: Kat spends six months and hundreds of hours laboring away on a queen size quilt as a Christmas gift for her MIL. On Christmas Day she and her husband arrive at his mothers only to find that she had received a "beautiful bedspread" from her sister who had purchased the gift at Walmart. As a result, Kat's "homemade" gift was given to the family pet to be used as a doggie blanket. The sad thing is that I have heard similar stories in real life!

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