Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Chronicles of Norton

Once again I am asking a piece I made to do double duty. The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge topic this week is "Spam". The Illustration Friday topic is "Multiple". If there is one thing I have multiples of it is spam so I decided to combine the two into the above 32" x 22" quilt titled "The Chronicles of Norton".
The words on the bottom read as follows:
"Welcome to a brief glimpse into the Chronicles of Norton. On his home planet of Earth he is just another mild mannered geek...But once in cyber space he is transformed into Spam Buster, a modern day superhero sworn to protect computer users everywhere from villains such as The Stretcher, Hot Russian Babe, The Fraud Squad and many, many more!"
This piece was almost too fun to make. There are a few things I would do differently next time but I tried out at least two new techniques I have been wanting to use so I am calling it a success.
Ken thinks I am nuts. He loved the background when I finished it and really wanted me to turn it into a landscape instead of a cartoon. I had to convince him it is only fabric and I can make another background just like it (although I probably never will!)