Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Spam to Ham

I received a ham in the mail yesterday. No, I am not talking about a part of a pig (although the shape is the same - hence the name) but rather about a tailor's ham. For many years clothes makers have made use of this valuable tool for pressing curved seams such as armholes during garment construction. It has been years since I have actually seen one and I was cursing my lack during the sewing of my last few jackets. Several months ago I was in the quilt shop in Greybull Wyoming and I happened to ask the manager if she has seen a ham for sale from any of her suppliers. Her eyes got a far away look as she answered that she hadn't seen one since she was a child.
Fast forward to about a week ago when I received an email message from Betty S of Basin, Wyoming. It turns out Betty was in the store in Greybull the day I asked my question. Shortly thereafter she ended up traveling to Florida to take care of her elderly father who has been having some health problems. It seems she has been amusing herself by taking in the local flea market on weekends and had come across several used tailor's hams at one of the booths. She was emailing me to ask if I was still looking for one. I said "yes" so she picked one up for $2 last Saturday, put it in the mail and I had it by yesterday! Don't you just love random acts of kindness?
It is feeling like spring here this week. Every day has been in the 50's and the national news this morning reported that we were warmer than most of Florida! I have been seeing bunny nests everywhere. I hope they aren't getting duped into having their young too early only to have a return of winter in a week or two.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kathy,
I have a ham in the closet. Hasn't seen the light of day for quite a while but got it when I was making blazers. Nothing else gets those shoulder seams looking good. Also have a sleeve roll, like a ham but long and skinny for pressing sleeve seams. I must have been crazy.
Nancy Vase