Sunday, March 2, 2008


About a year and a half ago or so my brother brought up the idea of him, my Mom and me doing some sort of joint art project. Then, about a year ago, I put forth the suggestion of a fractured photo based on some of the successes I had seen with such a project in the quilting world. Ken had taken a photo of the fishing pier at French River on Prince Edward Island when we were up for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and, after some discussion, it was decided to use that photo as our inspiration. Once all the "rules" were put in place we set a deadline of the end of February of this year. Mom finished hers months ago, I finished mine today and I have heard rumors that Garth is working on his so we will actually have a completed project.
The plan was this: we each took the photo and divided it into three equal parts which we then rendered in whatever medium we desired to come up with three finished pieces at a size of 5" wide by 9" high. We will now swap pieces so each of us ends up with a complete picture made up of one piece of artwork from each of us.

I thought about doing it in fabric but quickly discarded that idea because of the complexity of the piece and the relatively small size of the finished project. My next plan was to use acrylics on hardboard but that did not go well and I abandoned that approach after a couple of days. In the end I fell back on what I am most comfortable with - watercolors on Bristol.
For the most part I am pleased with the results. I may do a bit more tweaking but it is pretty much finished. I am not completely happy with the water but one of the problems with working on Bristol is that it is easy to overwork the surface. So I guess I can live with it. Now I just need to figure out how best to package the two pieces I am sending off so they make it to Canada without being ruined. I can't wait to get the other two pieces from Mom and Garth so I can frame it and hang it up. Ken will have another role in the finished project as he is the matting/framing expert in this house.

I would have finished the painting a few days earlier if we hadn't been busy with Search and Rescue over the last few days. Usually this is our quiet time of year other than the odd snowmobile accident but this has been an unusual winter. We haven't had a single snow machine incident but we have had to deal with car wrecks, heart attacks and yesterday, a husband and wife ATV accident. They were playing in the McCullough Peaks area when he came over a hill too fast and found his wife slowly making her way down the backside. He tried to hit the brakes but in the excitement hit the gas instead and rear ended her pretty good. He got the worst of it and had to be flown to Billings by helicopter but we had to go back the three miles or so to the site and transport her out to the waiting ambulance. It was a by-the-book rescue but it sure took up a good part of the day.

I found a wonderful surprise in my mailbox when we got home from the rescue yesterday. There was a package with the new book by Betty Blais - "More Amazing Angelina" - and a whole bunch of Angelina film that she sent along just because she is a great person. I can't wait to play with this stuff, especially since I have Betty's book with all sorts of ideas on what I might do with it. And did I mention she included photos of two of my quilts in the gallery of her book?

Now it is time to head to the studio and work on some quilts. I have one that needs to be finished before the next WAV meeting and at least two that are in the quilting stage.


annmarie said...

Kathy - I love your blog. I check it every day & I'm disapppointed when there is no entry. I was so happy tonite when I logged on. You write so well. It's like I'm there having coffee with you. Thanks. annmarie

Carol said...

It's beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project.