Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Like a Lamb?

The return of the bluebirds, witnessed a couple weeks ago, is a definite sign that Spring is on its way. There are two things, however, that I count as proof it has actually arrived. The first is blooming Douglasia which I saw for the first time this year on my run yesterday morning. Then the Wyoming State bird, the meadowlark, made its appearance this morning and I knew it was true despite the softly falling snow. Spring is here!

Douglasia is a delicate purple flower. I have always thought its discoverer - yes, his name was Douglas - did it a great disservice by insisting on bestowing his masculine moniker onto such a fragile flower. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to see it blooming under a layer of snow so maybe it isn't so delicate after all.

A couple years ago I wanted to do something different for my Secret Sister at Quilt Guild so I wrote her a quilt related poem every month and painted a watercolor sketch to go along with it. I will never be known as a great poet but I really enjoyed creating a new set of lines each month, and my poem for March was one of my favorites. I have a secret dream of someday making a small quilt to go with each poem and creating a calendar of the images and words to give to family and friends.

Anyway, on this last day of March, 2008, here is my poem for the month.

March. It's a month out of step
Half winter, half springtime, half frozen , and yet...
There's a warm, whispered promise
Of days still to come:
The glimpse of a bluebird, a wildflower so young
It's barely noticed surrounded by snow
Just a pale, purple blush on the landscape below.

There are those who insist winter's end is a dream,
That hints of warm weather are not what they seem;
But a quilter's heart gladdens to see life re-new
As fresh, favorite colors of green and sky blue
Come together in squares that dance with Spring Fever
And turn even cynics into believers!

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