Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Casa Gaia

This is the photo of a small - 12" x 12" - quilt I made a couple months ago as my entry into the Quilting Arts Magazine 2009 Calendar Contest. I haven't been able to show it until now because one of the contest rules was that entries be unpublished. Alas, my showing it now means it did not make the cut. I am disappointed as I really thought it had a chance. It took me as long to make as a much larger quilt because of all the details, particularly the painted pieces. I was working with a combination of paints and dyes and had to do numerous applications working with both wax and water-based resists. The piece includes a number of materials including tyvek (sun), wool (the continents), tulle (cloud), faux leather (roof) as well as a base of dyed and painted bamboo/cotton mix.

One of the deals I made with myself was that if it did not make the final round of the competition I would concentrate more on my painting for the next six months. I won't give up fabric entirely, of course, but expect to see more watercolors here this summer in place of quilts.


Carol said...

Kathy-It is really wonderful! I love the all the animials esp. the kittie and the kangaroo! What was the theme of the contest? cj

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that a lot of thought and work went into this piece, and the more you look the more you see, so it would make a great calendar page. Lots of fun stuff here.

But you know they will choose 12 pieces that work well together and suit a particular theme for each month so think of all the work they really liked that they couldn't choose.

Wyndhaven Art and Quilts said...

Kathy, try not to be too disappointed, this is a lovely piece. A lot of thought and effort went into it and you did an excellent job. I am so glad you posted it with your explanations of how you did it, because you are inspiring the rest of us to 'risk it'.... Good girl!!
Looking forward to your watercolors, let us know when they are up.

Carole said...

Kathy, try not to be too disappointed. You did a beautiful job on this. I appreciate how you have explained to us how you did it. You are an inspiration for the rest of us, to 'risk it'.....
I will look forward to your watercolors, please let us know when they are up.