Friday, April 11, 2008

Petroglyphs and more!

Almost all my free time for the last three weeks has been consumed by my efforts to start and finish a quilt for the local Guild Challenge, due April 28. I think I have a shot at making it but it will be close!

We have, however, had time for a few fun distractions. I want to post photos from last weekend's hike to Petroglyph Canyon before the trip is as old as the images we saw! I have a couple of wonderful friends who are members of the local rock club and they tipped us off to the hike. The caravan of vehicles was to begin in Powell early in the morning and then drive northeast to the Pryor Mountains and the Canyon. On the way over to Powell I mentioned to Ken that I had seen a pair of sandhill cranes in the area earlier in the week. As we came over a hill I instructed him to be on the lookout for the pair as there is nothing I enjoy seeing or hearing more than the long-legged avian ballerinas. As we topped the hill we were stunned by the sight before us. There were about 200 cranes in the field to the south scattered in amongst a herd of an equal number of cows. We slowed down but it was obvious they were aware of and disturbed by our presence so the photos I got were limited. My day could have ended there and I would have been happy!

We arrived in Powell in time to join the convoy of a dozen vehicles or so headed north. About an hour later we arrived at our destination and started the hike. It was a gorgeous day with perfect lighting and wonderful camaraderie. The hike was relatively short but the canyon was spectacular and the petroglyphs were worth the trip. The only disappointment was seeing the ubiquitous graffiti that has reached to pollute even this desolate space.

Later that evening Ken discovered an unwelcome souvenir from the trip. Some men are "chick magnets", Ken has always been a "tick magnet"! For as long as I have known him the little varmints have been strangely attracted to him and seem to latch on at any chance. Lucky for us we saw the intruder and removed him before he could get too comfortable.

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