Monday, May 19, 2008

A Gift

What an amazing gift I received this morning! I happened to be looking out the window, laughing at the antics of a chukar pair, when I saw one of the llamas come to full attention. Thinking something might be up, I wandered outside and made my way to the edge of the hill where the entire herd was now gathered. The llamas were sounding their distress call so it was no effort to sneak quietly up and into their midst. As I looked down a beautiful male bobcat came into view on the ledge about five feet below me. I couldn't believe how close he was! As he walked along he would stop every few seconds and look up at the llamas above but it was obvious he was not at all concerned with their presence. He took time to spray just about every rock and every bush in his path and seemed as comfortable as he could be. I held my breath as he walked by, amazed that he was tolerating my presence. If I had bent down and reached out I could easily have touched his back. Then, as he stopped to look up at the llamas one more time, his eyes fixed on mine and the physical transformation in his bearing was incredible. His eyes widened, his tail went between his legs and his entire body sunk to the ground as he sprinted under the nearest large rock ledge. I ran back to the house to get Ken and the camera. When we came back out the cat was still under the ledge but as soon as we neared he sprinted off and I was not able to get a shot. Ken watched as he went behind a tree in the distance and then, lo and behold, he came out on the other side with a bunny in his mouth! Even in his flight he hadn't given up the hunt for breakfast.
I can't imagine I will ever be that close to a wild cat again. I feel extremely privileged to have been given such an opportunity!


Tomme said...

OMG, and you never had even the slightest fear that he would attack YOU? Funny that he didn't notice you in the herd for so long. I envy all the wildlife you get to see every day (among other things - I also envy your stamina and fitness, but not enough to work out until I get to that level myself - ha!)

Anonymous said...

Kathy, It makes a person seem so small and insignifcant in the presence of the wild. What an awesome sight for you!
Is it not wonderful to love and appreciate the natural beauty here in Wyoming?
I think we sometimes forget that, and you always bring me back with your tales of adventure. Thanks for that, your friend Jeanne