Sunday, May 4, 2008

Illustration Friday - Seed

If you took a census of the plants growing on our property, it would probably be a toss up as to which is more numerous: sage brush or yucca. It really is not surprising the yucca are as successful as they are even though they don't bloom every year. The ones that do bloom develop large seed pods like the one I painted in the upper right corner that each contain hundreds of seeds. The pods secrete a sugary sap for the first couple months of their existence and the mule deer and antelope can't seem to resist the sweet treat. That is the first way the seeds are dispersed. Those pods that aren't consumed eventually dry out and burst open at which time the seeds are available to be carried near and far by the helpful wind.
I am trying out a new method of watercolor painting with this piece. I think the composition leaves a lot to be desired, but I feel like I learned a lot in the process.


helen said...

A lovely painting

Vhrsti said...

So nice work!

Bobo Cat said...

simply beautiful.