Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Other Paintbrush

I spent a couple hours this afternoon getting my quilts ready to ship off to Columbus, Ohio for the National Quilting Association Convention. I have two quilts in the main show plus another in a special exhibit so I will be well represented. My quilts will ship tomorrow and I will join them in two weeks time when I will spend more than a week in Columbus participating in a variety of activities to do with the convention. The first three days will be spent assisting in the judging. I then have a day off, followed by two days in classes related to judging and then the last day in a "just for fun" class with Vikki Pignatelli, someone whose work I greatly admire.

As a reward to myself for getting the quilts ready to go, I grabbed the camera and set out on a short hike with the goal of capturing some photos of Wyoming Paintbrush. With the rain we had last week, the State flower is blooming in an abundance I have never before seen at this altitude. I came back with an overload of images and can't wait to turn some of them into paintings. This picture will give you some idea of the amazing colors. In this grouping alone there are three distinctly different hues: salmon, scarlet and crimson. What a feast for the eyes!

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