Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The last thing I said in my previous post was that I was going to try and be more regular in my writing. That was certainly my intention, but then things went a little screwy. Two days after my last post I sat down to write and discovered I was unable to access any blogger sites. Not only couldn't I post to my own space, I couldn't even pull up any site that had anything to do with Nothing else on my computer seemed to be affected and I soon ascertained that no one else I knew was having the same issue. For the next five days I spent far too much time trying to figure out what was wrong. I changed my browser, I deleted cookies and temporary files, I closed one eye and then the other, I even deleted the last update from Microsoft thinking that had something to do with it. Nothing worked. Then I got up one morning, clicked on my blog and up it popped. I will probably never know what happened. I don't think it had anything to do with my actions; it just decided to start working again. I decided to catch up the next day as I knew I would soon be leaving on another trip and would not have computer access for a while. I sat down at the computer and realized I didn't have any Internet access. Period. Not only that, I soon realized I had no long distance telephone service either. When watching the news at noon I found out that service was down all along the State line and would be out for the rest of the day. So much for my good intentions!

Last Wednesday I left for Colorado Springs for a week. The trip was related to meetings that Ken had to attend for a company for which he sits on the Board of Directors. We have attended this gathering every year for the last fifteen and it is really the week of the year when I become totally and absolutely spoiled. The meetings are held in a different location each year - last year we went to Rome - but they occasionally return to old favorites, like the Broadmoor. This was my fourth visit to that amazing place. This is no small gathering. This year the attendance was almost 800 people. One of the most amazing things about the week is the entertainment provided. They typically break the group into two and each section has a night at a location with a private concert. In this way I have seen The Beach Boys, Glenn Frey (The Eagles), Emmy Lou Harris, Ricky Scaggs, Alison Krause, Vince Gill, Amy Grant and, this year, Huey Lewis and the News, up close and personal. In almost all cases I have had my picture taken with the performers as well as with many other wonderful entertainers and speakers including my favorite, several years ago in Switzerland, Margaret Thatcher. The week is amazing for many other reasons as well - the food is incredible, the events are spectacular and the company is thoroughly enjoyable. I was still glad to get home once the week was over!

Search and Rescue is in full swing right now. We get one or two calls a week and have to be ready to run at a moments notice. The night before I left for Colorado we had a call to a lake near here. Because of the location I was the first to arrive upon the scene where I found a gentleman in severe pain from a spinal injury. I knew he was going to be a perfect patient when the first thing he did was offer me his bug spray even though he was in terrible shape. We ended up transporting him by boat to the boat ramp where we were able to get him up the bank and into the waiting ambulance. I hope he is okay.

It seems like I have had one issue pop up after another over the last month. When I think nothing else can possibly go wrong, it does. My three year old computer totally died, as did my 7 year old front-loading washer followed almost immediately by my refrigerator of the same age. In both cases they said they couldn't be repaired so I have had to replace them. The replacement fridge, delivered the day before I left for Colorado, is defective and I have not yet been able to convince Sears they need to replace it. They keep insisting I need to have it fixed under warranty even though it was a defective product, not one where something broke down after I had it for a while. My car, with just about 100,000 miles on it, is making really bad noises and they are saying they will probably have to replace the 4-wheel drive system. They are also saying it will be incredibly pricey to do so. On last month's credit card bill there was a charge for a stay at a motel in Jackson Hole where we have never stayed. Numerous calls resulted in them admitting they had made a mistake and promising to credit our bill. Instead, this month I open the bill to discover not only haven't they issued a credit, they have charged us again! Many more calls resulted in profuse apologies from them with another promise that it will be fixed next month. We will see. Then I arrived home Monday to find one of my front windows shattered. I suspect the culprit was a pigeon although there is no sign of the poor thing anywhere. Because of our remote location, the estimate to fix the window is almost $1000. That's what I get for bragging about my good luck last month!

It is funny how the wildlife seems to know when we are gone for a few days. I always see more animals within a few days of returning from a trip than I do at other times. Yesterday there were mule deer everywhere. We have two huge bucks hanging around plus several mamas and a few babies. This bambi has terrible scars on its face. I suspect it met up with the resident coyotes at some point.

This morning I went on my usual run. For some reason I decided to stop about halfway across the lower field, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a big jack rabbit sprung up from a sagebrush not two feet away from me. What magnificent animals they are! Their ears are way too long, their eyes are too far apart and their feet are beyond belief. It makes me wonder how many of the creatures I pass every morning without even being aware of their presence!

I saw the first group of chukar babies yesterday. There were only six little ones tagging along behind mama so I hope there will be other groups around soon.
If I can ever finish dealing with all the issues that have been popping up I have a number of quilts to finish. I can't believe it is almost August. Winter will be back before we know it!

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