Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer has Arrived!

Carol asked to see a photo of my new do, so here it is. Short and grey. I like it - I am not so sure Ken is too crazy about it though. I will let it grow out a little but I think the grey is here to stay.

I may have spoken too soon about the lack of snakes this year. Ken got home last evening and had an encounter with a rattler this morning. The little sucker was curled up inside one of the laying boxes in the chicken coop. That is why it is not a good idea to stick your hand in blindly searching for eggs unless you have looked first. Luckily, Ken had. Unlike me, he decided to give the grabber pole a try and has declared it a success. He was able to relocate the angry asp quite a ways behind the house.

I have convinced Ken I have become rather attached to the darn pack rat living in the grill. So when we go into town later today we will buy a live trap and see if we can add him to our pest relocation program.

I haven't had my road bike out for a while so when I got up yesterday morning and saw the total lack of wind I decided to forgo my normal run and do a bike ride up the canyon instead. It is not a very long ride - a total of about twenty miles round trip - but it offers some interesting challenges. The first ten miles are uphill into the wind. I would not even consider riding the canyon if there was any breeze at all at our place. It could be dead calm at every other spot on the planet and you could still be assured the wind would be howling down that stretch of road. But as long as you are willing to tough out the west bound leg, the ride offers some amazing rewards. The scenery is spectacular, the traffic is nonexistent and the return trip is ten miles downhill with the wind at your back! So I loaded my bike in the back of the Tahoe and drove several miles down gravel roads until I hit pavement. There I unloaded my bike and pointed west. I struggled to maintain a speed of 13 miles an hour on the out leg but once I turned around I thought I was Lance Armstrong! I easily kept the speed at 20 miles an hour or more on the way back and even topped 42 mph on the one short, steep downhill. I will have to make a concerted effort to trade in my run for a bike more often.

The mule deer have been incredibly active lately. It seems like every time I step out the door I startle several. This gal came by yesterday and she was so intent on eating the sweet yucca blooms that she didn't seem to mind getting her picture taken.


Carol said...

Cute!!! Thanks for the picture. I miss seeing you. Wish you were closer so we could run/bike together (if I could keep up:))

Cynthia St Charles said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge and going gray. I have been hennaing my hair for about 9 years and am so tired of the upkeep. Joe is actually the one who applies the color for me, so I should not complain. He is also the one who wants me to continue coloring the gray. I am sure the new look will grow on Ken. I think it is fabulous.

PS I saw your post on Quiltart about blogger problems. I thought I would see whether or not your comments get forwarded for you or not (assuming that is how you have it set up)