Wednesday, September 3, 2008


When I was chairperson of the Yellowstone Quilt Fest five years ago, I was trying to think of a way to raise money for the event that wouldn't put the burden all on one or two people. The typical solution for quilting groups and events is a raffle quilt, but it is often a big job that falls to a few hard working individuals. About that time I read a post on that talked about a block challenge. Ah Ha! A way to share the work - at least the task of creating the pieces for the quilt top. The quilting and finishing is still usually the work of one generous volunteer. To get people to participate we offered prizes for the top three blocks based on "people's choice" of the displayed blocks during the show. The concept worked and the challenge has continued to this day. Every year I say I am not going to make a block because I don't have time, and every year I find myself scrambling to get one done at the last minute. This year is no exception. I finished my 12" (finished) block this morning and I will put it in the mail to this year's chairperson tomorrow. The theme this year was "Cowboy Christmas" and I thought it might be a perfect chance to use some of that "barbed wire" trim I bought a few months ago. It should lay flat once it is quilted.
I haven't seen the mule deer hanging around for a few days so it was with surprise that I opened my blinds to discover a group of five standing right outside my window yesterday. They did a great job of trimming the weeds and pruning the cedar bushes before making their way over the hill.
I sometimes feel I am a prisoner in my own home these days. It is totally self-inflicted. I just can't bring myself to open the door when there are 20 or more baby chukars milling around my front yard. And it seems like there are always 20 or more babies milling around my front yard! The exception is the early morning when they are tucked away in the rocks from the night before. I would never claim the chukars around here are tame, but there is no doubt they are trained to my voice. As soon as I go out in the morning and say "hello" to the llamas, I hear the instant "chuc, chuc, chuc" response from the comical birds. They know full well I always have an extra scoop of llama feed that will get thrown on the ground for them to share (not always graciously) with the cottontails. The group in this picture is one family that lined up this morning waiting for me to finish with the llamas so I could get to the all important task of providing them breakfast!
One more baby llama picture, if you can stand it! This photo shows the complete unpredictability of color results. Licorice is rubbing noses with her sister, Dusty, born to Jake's Girl a year and a half ago. Neither one of them resembles their mother or the father and they obviously don't look much like each other!

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annmarie said...

Kathy - I NEVER tire of your llama pictures or any of your pictures! Thanks for sharing.